Coastal GA Beach Beauties 2008





Supreme Winners:

Overall Photogenic: Annaston Carter
Overall Beach Wear: Annaston Carter
Overall Most Beautiful: Abagail Shipley
Overall Beauty Supreme: Joelie Carter
Mini Supreme: Lindsey Williams
Grand Supreme: Annaston Carter

Overall Photogenic: Amber Brooke Holland
Overall Beach Wear: Amber Brooke Holland
Overall Most Beautiful: Skylar Roberts
Overall Beauty Supreme: Hayley Burkhardt
Mini Supreme: Victoria Keithly
Grand Supreme: Amber Brooke Holland

Overall Photogenic: Cheyenne Epps
Overall Beach Wear: Cheyenne Epps
Overall Most Beautiful: Karmon Warren
Mini Supreme: Brittany Strickland
Grand Supreme: Cheyenne Epps

Overall Photogenic: Hannah Cornelius
Overall Beach Wear: Hannah Cornelius
Overall Most Beautiful: Kimyata Jontrice
Overall Beauty Supreme: Fallon Brown
Mini Supreme: Kayla Perry
Grand Supreme: Hannah Cornelius

Beauty Winners:
0-23 mos:
Photogenic Winner: Ali Palmer
Most Beautiful: Ali Palmer
Outfit of Choice: Joelie Carter
3rd Runner Up: Brianna Morgan
2nd Runner Up: Madeline Shipley
1st Runner Up: Brianna Trifonov
Queen: Ali Palmer

2 yrs:
Photogenic Winner: Gabrielle Carter
Most Beautiful: Lindsey Williams
Outfit of Choice: Lindsey Williams
Queen: Gabrielle Carter

3 yrs:
Photogenic Winner: Annaston Carter
Most Beautiful: Abagail Shipley
Outfit of Choice: Annaston Carter

5 Yrs:
Photogenic Winner: Victoria Keithly
Most Beautiful: Victoria Keithly
Outfit of Choice: Victoria Keithly
Queen: Ginny Hobby

6 yrs:
Photogenic, Most Beautiful and Outfit of Choice: Ezra Dunham
Queen: Ezra Dunham

Photogenic Winner: Kayla Perry
Most Beautiful: Raelyn McDonald
Outfit of Choice: Kayla Perry
Queen: Raelyn McDonald

Photogenic Winner: Kimyata Jontrice
Most Beautiful: Fallon Brown
Outfit of Choice: Kimyata Jontrice
Queen: Ansleigh White

Photos will soon be posted, so keep on the lookout!!

Thanks to all of the contestants and moms for coming out and supporting Coastal GA Pageant Productions and McIntosh Co. I love you all!!!

Chasity Saunders





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